Love The Lord, As The Fish Loves The Water

Siree Raag, First Mehl:
sireeraag mehalaa 1 ||

O mind, love the Lord, as the lotus loves the water.
rae man aisee har sio preeth kar jaisee jal kamalaehi ||

Tossed about by the waves, it still blossoms with love.
leharee naal pashhaarreeai bhee vigasai asanaehi ||

In the water, the creatures are created; outside of the water they die. ||1||
jal mehi jeea oupaae kai bin jal maran thinaehi ||1||

O mind, how can you be saved without love?
man rae kio shhoottehi bin piaar ||

God permeates the inner beings of the Gurmukhs. They are blessed with the treasure of devotion. ||1||Pause||
guramukh anthar rav rehiaa bakhasae bhagath bhanddaar ||1|| rehaao ||

O mind, love the Lord, as the fish loves the water.
rae man aisee har sio preeth kar jaisee mashhulee neer ||

The more the water, the more the happiness, and the greater the peace of mind and body.
jio adhhiko thio sukh ghano man than saanth sareer ||

Without water, she cannot live, even for an instant. God knows the suffering of her mind. ||2||
bin jal gharree n jeevee prabh jaanai abh peer ||2||

O mind, love the Lord, as the song-bird loves the rain.
rae man aisee har sio preeth kar jaisee chaathrik maeh ||

The pools are overflowing with water, and the land is luxuriantly green, but what are they to her, if that single drop of rain does not fall into her mouth?
sar bhar thhal hareeaavalae eik boondh n pavee kaeh ||

By His Grace, she receives it; otherwise, because of her past actions, she gives her head. ||3||
karam milai so paaeeai kirath paeiaa sir dhaeh ||3||

O mind, love the Lord, as the water loves the milk.
rae man aisee har sio preeth kar jaisee jal dhudhh hoe ||

The water, added to the milk, itself bears the heat, and prevents the milk from burning.
aavattan aapae khavai dhudhh ko khapan n dhaee ||

God unites the separated ones with Himself again, and blesses them with true greatness. ||4||
aapae mael vishhunniaa sach vaddiaaee dhaee ||4||

O mind, love the Lord, as the chakvee duck loves the sun.
rae man aisee har sio preeth kar jaisee chakavee soor ||

She does not sleep, for an instant or a moment; the sun is so far away, but she thinks that it is near.
khin pal needh n sovee jaanai dhoor hajoor ||

Understanding does not come to the self-willed manmukh. But to the Gurmukh, the Lord is always close. ||5||
manamukh sojhee naa pavai guramukh sadhaa hajoor ||5||

The self-willed manmukhs make their calculations and plans, but only the actions of the Creator come to pass.
manamukh ganath ganaavanee karathaa karae s hoe ||

His Value cannot be estimated, even though everyone may wish to do so.
thaa kee keemath naa pavai jae lochai sabh koe ||

Through the Guru's Teachings, it is revealed. Meeting with the True One, peace is found. ||6||
guramath hoe th paaeeai sach milai sukh hoe ||6||

True love shall not be broken, if the True Guru is met.
sachaa naehu n thuttee jae sathigur bhaettai soe ||

Obtaining the wealth of spiritual wisdom, the understanding of the three worlds is acquired.
giaan padhaarathh paaeeai thribhavan sojhee hoe ||

So become a customer of merit, and do not forget the Immaculate Naam, the Name of the Lord. ||7||
niramal naam n veesarai jae gun kaa gaahak hoe ||7||

Those birds which peck at the shore of the pool have played and have departed.
khael geae sae pankhanoon jo chugadhae sar thal ||

In a moment, in an instant, we too must depart. Our play is only for today or tomorrow.
gharree k muhath k chalanaa khaelan aj k kal ||

But those whom You unite, Lord, are united with You; they obtain a seat in the Arena of Truth. ||8||
jis thoon maelehi so milai jaae sachaa pirr mal ||8||

Without the Guru, love does not well up, and the filth of egotism does not depart.
bin gur preeth n oopajai houmai mail n jaae ||

One who recognizes within himself that, ""He is me"", and who is pierced through by the Shabad, is satisfied.
sohan aap pashhaaneeai sabadh bhaedh patheeaae ||

When one becomes Gurmukh and realizes his own self, what more is there left to do or have done? ||9||
guramukh aap pashhaaneeai avar k karae karaae ||9||

Why speak of union to those who are already united with the Lord? Receiving the Shabad, they are satisfied.
miliaa kaa kiaa maeleeai sabadh milae patheeaae ||

The self-willed manmukhs do not understand; separated from Him, they endure beatings.
manamukh sojhee naa pavai veeshhurr chottaa khaae ||

O Nanak, there is only the one door to His Home; there is no other place at all. ||10||11||
naanak dhar ghar eaek hai avar n dhoojee jaae ||10||11||

(Aang 59-60, SGGS Ji)






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