Guru Nanak Dev Ji And The Leper


Let us recall that leper who was kicked out of his village because he had the deadly disease leperosy. He was moved out and even his wife, mother, children and friends deserted him. He had been centre of attention of these relations and now they had all abandoned him. Why won't they? No one wanted to catch leperosy as anyone who comes near a leper catches this terrible disease. They used to throw roti ones a day outside his small hut and leave. Some days they forgot to give him roti altogether.

This leper was very heart-broken and was totally feeling dejected. Then he had a
wonderful dream. His good karma from previous lives had awakened. He saw the most beautiful person who had an amazing glow on his face with another beautiful person with similar glow on his face. He heard a voice that this person is Guru Nanak and is the only person capable of cutting his misery.

The next morning he felt a new energy in his body. He started calling out Guru Nanak Dev jee. He started remembering him day and night. How could Guru Sahib hold back to the pleas of a person calling him from heart? He himself came to the door of that leper one rainy day. He came to that door where no one dared to come for fear of catching leperosy. Guru Nanak Sahib instructed Bhai Mardana jee to bring the leper outside in the rain.

Bhai Mardana a great Sikh did not question Guru Sahib for asking him to touch a leper. He readily went inside and brought the trembling leper outside. With one graceful glance, Guru Sahib cured him of his disease. He fell at the feet of Guru Sahib and asked for Naam medicine. Guru Sahib lifted the blessed ex-leper and gave him amrit-naam. That day in one moment, the fortunate leper, was cured of all his mental, bodily and spiritual diseases. He became one with the Guru.

So great is our Guru. May Guru Sahib do kirpa on us too and give us his amrit naam.



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